6. Decent Neighbourhoods
Give local people a greater say in services in their communities. We need to encourage greater responsibility, prevent and enforce where there is bad behaviour, and target limited resource on the greatest priorities. This requires a major city-wide behaviour change programme, working with residents. The council will focus on services only it can provide, with reduced local services, street cleaning and litter removal, maintenance of green space and public parks, and grass cutting. Our annual city-wide floral programme will end, and Jesmond Dene nursery will be sold, with some of proceeds supporting social enterprise, landscaping and allotment growing. We will review this proposal in line with the outcome of the 2014 Comprehensive Spending Review.

Pre consultation (pdf, 168Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 299Kb) Revised Nov 2013 (pdf. 718Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 482 Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 739Kb)

7. Maintaining Roads and Pavements
We will use our resources to focus on planned maintenance work for our highways, pavements and footpaths. We will continue to talk to central government and encourage them to support highways investment.

Pre consultation (pdf, 135Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 158Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf,146 Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 552Kb)

8. Waste Collection and Disposal
Move to weekly alternate green and blue bin waste collections in keeping with our neighbour authorities and over 200 other councils, in the process helping to improve recycling rates. We will hold the £20 cost of garden waste collection, and encourage new customers.

Pre consultation (pdf, 124Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 160Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 482 Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 739Kb)
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14 February 2014
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