Last year we set out a three year budget (2013-16). This was subject to extensive consultation, receiving over 50,000 responses. City Council met on 6 March 2013 and agreed our budget programme for 2013-14. Full details of this can be found on the Budget 2016 documents page.

Since then the government has set out further cuts to council budgets. Due to the way local government is financed this has had a disproportionately heavy impact upon local authorities like Newcastle, other northern cities, central London and areas with high levels of deprivation. 

As a result of these cuts and continuing cost pressures since the budget was first published in November 2012 we must consider additional measures to ensure we set a balanced budget for 2014-15. These measures are outlined in the budget documents below.

Consultation on our 2014-15 budget closed on 3 February 2014. We have used the feedback to update the proposal documents below.  

Budget 2014-15 documents

Background documents - detailed budget information


There are a range of proposals which make up our budget for 2014-15. Most of these are existing proposals which we consulted on last year, but some are new or significantly changed.

New proposals for 2014-15

These proposals are brand new for 2014-15 to help us meet additional government cuts.

Revised proposals for 2014-15

These proposals were already presented as part of our Budget 2016 programme, however they have changed significantly so we have published a revised version.

Existing proposals for 2014-15

These proposals were agreed by City Council on 6 March 2013.

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24 June 2015
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