We want to help you look after your children, help disabled children live at home and help young people with disabilities move into adulthood.

How we can help

The term disability covers a broad spectrum of support needs. The Children with Disabilities Service at the council similarly supports children with a broad range of needs.

The service will work with all children where their disability is impacting on their ability to have opportunities to be equal, be safe and to achieve.

You can ask us for an assessment of your child's needs or your needs as a parent or carer. Please contact the Children with Disabilities Service to discuss your needs. Alternatively, you can ask other people such as a doctor, community nurse, health visitor or teacher to contact us for you.

What is an assessment

An assessment is when we talk to you about your child's needs, and how we or someone else may help. We will help you look at your choices. If you look after a disabled child, you can ask for an assessment of your own needs.

We may talk to other people who know you or your family, for example your doctor, nurse or physiotherapist. We will ask your permission to do this.

We can assess your child at home, at our office or in hospital.

If you find it easier to talk to us in another language you can ask us to bring an interpreter when we see you.

Sometimes you can ask an advocate to help you speak up for yourself. An advocate is independent and doesn't work for social services. For advice on finding an advocate contact the organisations below.

What happens if you do not qualify for any support?

There may be times when we cannot help. If this happens we may be able to put you in touch with another organisation that can help you. Also, visit the Local Offer section in the Families Information Service for further details.

Will you be charged for support?

We do not charge to assess you or give advice and support.

Other organisations

Benefits Agency, Newcastle
Phone: 0191 275 2400

Benefits Enquiry Line
Phone: 0800 88 22 00

Contact a Family (North East) (external site, opens in a new window)
Phone and Fax: 0191 213 6300

Working Families Tax Credit
Phone: 0845 300 3900

NHS Direct (external site, opens in a new window)
Phone: 0845 46 47

Newcastle Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service

Provides free, confidential and impartial information on matters relating to education for children and young people with SEND.


Pass it on Parents
Phone: 0191 281 8737

Families United
Newcastle parent carer forum
Phone: 0191 277 4700

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7 September 2017
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