The following information is for professionals and volunteers who provide adult social care support, information and advice for residents.

Wellbeing, Care and Learning: Information and Advice Strategy 2015-2017

The Information and Advice Strategy was developed from feedback from the Market Position Statement and sets out how the council will work with our information and advice partners to create an effective Information and Advice Framework in Newcastle.  The framework includes those organisations that offer specialist information and advice services, through to universal services, including agencies that reach out to help vulnerable people overcome barriers to access. 

The Strategy is in response to the growth in demand for information and advice on adult social care services at a time when resources and capacity are reducing across the council and our partners. For adult social care the information and advice areas have been identified from the Care Act 2014 and cover carer services; adult social care - the choice and type of care and support available; access to adult social care; lasting power of attorney; deputyship; the Court of Protection; access to independent financial advice relating to car and support; planning for future care costs; housing information and advice; access to low level services which prevent, reduce and delay need for support; and information about effective treatment and support for health conditions.

The Framework will consider the arrangements required to ensure people can access the information and advice they need to make informed choices. People want to talk to different agencies in different settings at different time of their lives.  We need to ensure the framework works for these different situations so people can still access appropriate information and advice to improve their health and wellbeing.

As the framework is a multi-agency approach these arrangements will be agreed with our information and advice partners through joint working.

Council Website Information

The council websites will provide useful information about council adult social care services for partner organisations and for signposting to residents. 

Directory of services

Below are a list of directories which provide useful information and advice on adult social care and services in Newcastle for residents.

Spectrums of Advice

We have developed the spectrums of advice to help all information and advice service providers to understand how they can support the Newcastle Adult Social Care Partner Network in supporting Newcastle residents.  To make best use of the limited face to face specialist advice services, the spectrums of advice will help non-specialist to respond to resident’s queries on adult social care.  This may mean more than sign posting with proportionate responses in which all partners can be involved. However, it is important that agencies are only providing information which reflects their level of expertise and capability.  Across Newcastle we know that there are agencies with different levels of expertise and by signposting people to the right agency the person will access appropriate information and advice.

The spectrums of advice will ensure frontline staff will have a clear understanding of what level of information and advice is expected from them and to which other appropriate agencies they should signpost a person. Staff will also play a part in highlighting what is working and what needs to improve.

The spectrums of advice describe three broad tiers or levels of advice and act as a tool to help us better understand where organisations fit into our provision in Newcastle and what support they need.  

To note the spectrums of advice are in draft form as they will be further developed as part of the future Newcastle Adult Social Care Partner Network meetings.

This page is still in development and will be updated from information provided by the ongoing work of the Newcastle Adult Social Care Partner Network.

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1 June 2018
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