Nexus and the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Authority have a concessionary travel scheme for disabled people and older people in Newcastle.

You can apply for a concessionary travel pass for disabled people if you are:

  • Chronically sick and disabled and suffering from any disability which permanently and seriously impairs your ability to walk; or
  • Permanently blind and unable to perform any duties for which sight is required; or
  • Assessed as having severe learning disabilities; or
  • Registered as profoundly deaf, with or without speech; or
  • Registered as partially sighted (where disability can be assessed by a Consultant Opthalmologist); or
  • Without the use of both arms, whether through the absence of limbs or otherwise; or
  • Unable to drive having had a driving license refused or revoked on medical grounds.

How can you apply for a travel pass?

If you over 60 you should contact Nexus to apply for a concessionary travel pass.

If you think you are eligible for concessionary travel on the grounds of disability please complete the application form and return it to the address below. You can download the application form here: Concessionary travel pass for disabled people (pdf 388.5 kb)

Adult and Culture Services Directorate
Support Services (Commissioning)
Shieldfield Centre
4-8 Clarence Walk
Newcastle upon Tyne

Phone:  0191 278 8100
Fax:  0191 278 8188
Textphone:  0191 278 8266

What happens next?

  • Your application will be assessed and we may have to contact your doctor (GP) for confirmation of your disability
  • If you have written evidence that can support your application such as a letter from your consultant, GP or statement of special needs please send it with your application form. We will return all supporting documents to you.
  • It may take some weeks to assess your application.
  • If your application is approved you will be sent a letter of confirmation along with details about how to collect your permit.
  • If your application is refused you will be sent notification in writing.

For more information go to the Nexus website or pick up a leaflet at a Nexus travel centre.

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Page last updated: 
29 January 2019
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