Key dates in the school transfer process

Date Activity
1 September Apply online from this date
31 October Closing date. Deadline for applications is midday (12 noon). Any evidence to support your application must also be submitted now.
23 November Last date for you to tell us about exceptional circumstances, such as a house move or loss of sibling link, for it to be considered in the process for national offer day.
1 March National offer day. Login online to see your offer. Alternatively we will post letters second class today to paper applicants.
15 March Deadline to accept offer. If you do not respond we may remove the place and reallocate it to another child.
20 March First waiting list run. This is the day that any places that have become available since offer day will be reallocated. We will contact you if we can offer your child a higher preference school.
22 March Deadline to submit late changes and late applications to be considered in the second waiting list run.
5 April Deadline to submit an appeal to ensure it is heard in the first round of appeals.
10 April Second waiting list run to reallocate places that have become available.  Late applicants will be made offers today.
10 April on Places continue to be offered from waiting lists each week.
September Your child starts school. If your child was not offered a place in your first preference school, they will remain on waiting lists for any higher preference schools until at least 31 December. If the school clears the waiting list after this date, they will contact you. If you want to change your school preferences from 1 September, you must complete an in-year application.
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Is this page useful?