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Our Newcastle recovery

As coronavirus restrictions start to ease, we’re working with a with a range of partners, including NE1, Northumbria Police, the universities and the NHS Trust to ensure that the city is a safe and welcoming place for people.

This includes looking at how city-wide transport networks can be changed to enable people to travel to and around the city, while maintaining social distance, and to meet the increasing demand for space to walk and cycle. You can read the full press release here.

We will be using temporary materials such as cones, tapes and vinyl markings to begin with. This will allow us to assess how well measures are working, before putting in semi-permanent infrastructure.

We are also looking at how these short-term changes can help us deliver longer-term ambitions for a cleaner and greener transport network that encourages and supports more active travel and a reduction in car journeys.

City centre

New measures and road layouts, starting in the city centre, are being introduced to meet the need to get the city moving in a safe way.

Changes are being made to help us manage the flow of people walking and queuing on the city’s main shopping streets, including the introduction of one-way pedestrian systems and markings on the ground to indicate the 2m distance, walkways and queuing areas.

City ‘hosts’ may be used to help people understand the new system both for how to get about the area, and where to queue. 

Support for business

With the re-opening of non-essential shops from the 15 June, our Public Safety and Regulation team have provided some detailed guidance on health and safety and working safely. 

Our  page has detailed information on the packages of financial support that is available to businesses.

Information to assist businesses in working safely at this time can be found on our working safely page.

And information, and a check list of what businesses that are reopening may need to do, can be found on  our business reopening page.

Areas outside of the city

We’re developing plans to make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle in their local neighbourhoods. This includes accessing their local shops, getting to school and reducing traffic in local streets.

These plans will be developed in response to local needs and with input from local ward councillors, residents and community groups. More information will be released soon.

Improving public transport

Our plans include improving the public transport network to give buses more efficient routes and to provide more space on key roads that could be used by people on bikes or potentially electric scooters.

Ensuring buses do not get caught in traffic will also help to avoid longer queues and larger groups of people waiting at bus stops.


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