John Dobson Street Refunds

If you have paid a penalty charge notice in relation to the northbound bus lane on John Dobson Street (heading towards the Civic Centre) since February 2016 you can apply for a refund.

To do this please complete the form on the link below with as much information as possible.

Please be aware that only the registered keeper of the vehicle, or the driver who made the payment if the vehicle was a formal hire or lease vehicle, can apply for a refund.

If you paid a PCN but were not the registered keeper you will need to arrange for them to complete the form on your behalf.

You may not claim a refund if your PCN was successfully appealed or cancelled or if you have previously already received a refund.

We will only refund one PCN, unless the second contravention took place before drivers received details of first contravention – which is usually within 14 days.

Note that the council is not under any legal obligation to provide refunds and this is being offered as a gesture of goodwill.

We may share information provided for the prevention of fraud or detecting a crime.

By submitting this form you confirm that all information provided is accurate and that you understand we may take action in relation to any fraudulent claims.

Following receipt of your completed online form we aim to verify eligibility and process payment (where applicable) within 30 working days.

Please do not contact the council during this time as we cannot give progress updates on individual cases.

Apply for refund

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