Advice and tips for getting online

Advice and tips for getting online

It's important that we try and stay in touch during the coronavirus pandemic. Libraries are a 'go-to' resource for trusted and reliable information, help and for social interaction.

We've compiled some resources from trustworthy sources which will help you if you're new to using Skype, webcams, online shopping, Facetime, WhatsApp or just staying in touch with your friends and family.

Online essentials



    Online safety

    Online Shopping


    Digital Champion Resources

    Government services


    Older People

    Helping others

    Video Calling for indivuduals

    Facebook Messenger




    Video conferencing for organisations

    MS Teams

    Virtual conferences

    Virtual meetings

    Virtual workshops HOWTO


    Remote working

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    Did you know?

    Having access to information on goods and services means that people can make better-informed decisions. They can order their groceries or other shopping online retaining their buying independence. This is particularly important at the moment because people may not be able to visit the supermarket or may not want to leave their home.

    online shopping

    A world of literature and information can be accessed from Newcastle Libraries through our free eBooks, eMagazines and eAudiobooks. We also have some great online resources for research.


    Being able to get online means that people can have company whenever they feel like it – be it playing Scrabble online, chatting to a family member using Facebook or Facetime, reading the comments on online newspaper articles and taking part, or responding to others using Instagram or Twitter.

    They say that every person has a book in them…Writing a blog can be a good way to find out, to hone your writing skills and to connect with other people.


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