Library of Sanctuary

We are in the process of applying to become a Library of Sanctuary, reflecting the support and interaction we can offer refugees and asylum seekers with our service.

Action Foundation West End

We have safe spaces, free access to services including PC and Internet usage, community language resources, family activities, staff to support interactions with local housing providers and council services. City Library also provides a hub of information and support by Citizens Advice during drop in sessions, Skills Hub supporting employment opportunities and Your Homes Newcastle drop in sessions.

We are looking for additional partners to collaborate with as we already work with Action Foundation delivering supported drop in sessions. If you are interested please email 

Further information can be found at Newcastle City of Sanctuary and Libraries of Sanctuary.

To demonstrate our commitment to Libraries of Sanctuary Newcastle Libraries:

• contribute to stronger, resilient communities working in partnership with community groups and others 
• act as a medium of positive communication between sanctuary-seekers, migrant groups and local communities, using displays, events and networks
• provide free internet, information, access to local and national government services and signpost to other helpful agencies
• promote local support organisations and opportunities to join in their activities
• use displays and the example of their staff to promote respect and welcome to sanctuary-seekers among all their users
• bring communities and cultures together through storytelling and other events
• provide space for English classes, conversation clubs, community language and reading support
• support local initiatives to bring the needs of sanctuary-seekers to the attention of other sections of the community through meetings, social events, exhibitions, or other means
• provide volunteering opportunities and spaces for bringing people together and sharing experience
• collect and exhibit objects which tell relevant stories with the potential for promoting community cohesion

For general enquiries please email

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