Newcastle upon Tyne

Specialist Emergency Foster Carer

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£1000 per week when a child is accommodated by you, £500 retainer per week when you have no child in your home.

THE ROLE: Newcastle City Council are looking to recruit individuals or families to the role of Specialist Emergency Foster Carer. We welcome enquiries from anyone who has the willingness and enthusiasm to change a child’s life for the better. Previous experience of working with children in any setting is essential. We recruit suitable candidates from within a 50-mile radius of the city.

THE EXPECTATION: Placements will often be made in emergencies and could happen at any time including after 5.30pm. On very rare occasions, children may also be placed after midnight. If a placement is made in an emergency, the expectation is the carer will be prepared to keep the child until a more suitable longer-term placement is identified. Children could be between any age from 0-18 and may have additional needs or complex behaviours.

It will also be the expectation that no placements are refused for any reason. If a carer does not have a placement in these circumstances the carer may be requested to help with transporting children from other placements on school runs or undertake a Community Fostering session for which training will be provided.

WHAT WE OFFER YOU: In recognition of the skills and experience they bring to the role; a carer will receive a weekly payment of up to £1,000 and a retainer of £350 per week if there is currently no child to place.

Wraparound support will be available and access to respite. Given the enhanced payments, the expectation is that carers will not turn down placements identified by the service if they have been deemed a match.

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Closing date:

31 December 2021

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