Housing Statement

In Newcastle we are working to create a city that is a ‘Great Place to Live’. By this we mean a city with desirable neighbourhoods that offer a range of affordable and quality homes that meet people’s needs, along with a strong sense of local identity and attractive well-used and popular public spaces and facilities. These neighbourhoods will be accessible and well connected, with the overall positive affect of enabling all our communities to enjoy a high quality of health and well-being in a home of their choice for as long as they choose.

Cabinet approved the original Housing Statement (2017-2020) in January 2017. The Housing Statement is based around 4 strategic priorities:

  • Make best use of the City’s existing housing stock
  • Delivering new homes to create greater choice
  • Provide advice, support and information to vulnerable people
  • Sustainable Economy and Sustainable Communities

Due to the progress made against actions, newly arising actions, and changing national housing policy and funding streams, the original approved Housing Statement has been reviewed, resulting in new actions and commitments.

The ‘refreshed’ Housing Statement was approved by Cabinet in July 2018 as the overarching housing document for the city.

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