New contact centre opening times

Contact Centre opening times will be changing from Monday 28 October, find out the revised opening hours.

Check your bin day

We provide printed bin calendars in the Spring issues of the CityLife magazine.

An easy way to check your bin day is just have a look out the window and see what bins you neighbours are putting out. 

New builds

If you are in a new build or part of  new development you should phone 0191 278 7878 and ask for "Envirocall" to check your collection days. This is because it can take some time for new build addresses and postcodes to get updated.

Bank Holidays

There can be revisions to bin collections on bank holidays depending on what day they fall. They will show on the calendars provided in CityLife. We will also update our social medial with any changes.

Garden waste - brown bins

Brown bin calendars are provided on the sign up documentation you receive when you join the scheme.

If you have any problems with the MyNeighbourhood forms please phone 0191 278 7878 and ask for "Envirocall."

You can also find out your bin days by registering with the WasteBot.

Did you know?

Bin collection changes

During Christmas week 2019 some collections will be 2 days later than normal, with crews working on Saturday 28 December and Sunday 29 December.

During the New Year week in 2020 collections will be 1 day later than normal, with crews working on Saturday 5 January.

Normal collection day Revised collection day
Friday 19 April 2019 Saturday 20 April 2019 for most residents.
Wednesday 25 December 2019 Friday 27 December 2019
Thursday 26 December 2019 Saturday 28 December 2019
Friday 27 December 2019 Sunday 29 December 2019
Wednesday 1 January 2019 Thursday 2 January 2019
Thursday 2 January 2019 Friday 3 January 2019
Friday 3 January 2019 Saturday 4 January 2019