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Assisted lift service

How to apply and renew the service

You can apply online for the Assisted Lift Service. Existing customers can also use this form to renew an existing lift arrangement.

If your application is not successful, you will receive a letter from the Council within 7 days. Otherwise, your address will be added to the assisted collection system and your assistance will begin.

Please note it can take up to 4 weeks for a new customer to be added to the scheme, so assisted collections do not start straight away.

We may occasionally contact you to check whether our records are accurate and to find out whether you still wish to use the Assisted Lift Service.

How to cancel the service

You need to phone 0191 2787878 and ask for "Envirocall" to cancel or stop your assisted lift.

Did you know that you can get help if for health reasons you find it hard to put your bin out for collection and nobody lives with you who can do it for you? This service is available to those who do not have anyone aged over 16 in the house, carers or neighbours, who could help.

The Assisted lift service is free and is available to residents in Newcastle. 

If you register for the scheme, we can arrange for your rubbish, recycling or garden waste bin to be collected and returned to an accessible place in your garden or yard. 

The place that you choose to leave your bin should be convenient for you and must be easy for the collection workers access. 

It can be directly outside your front door or by a side door, but you will need to leave gates unlocked on the collection day to let the workers get to it.  

You can say how long you need the service.  It can be for a short period of time, for example if you are injured or recovering from an operation, or it can be on the standard annual renewal basis. After a 12 month period you will receive a letter in the post asking if you still need the service. You can complete the forms on the letter and post it back or you can renew online or by phone.

We do this to check that residents are still in need of the service or have not moved from the property.

Remember you need to phone 0191 2787878 and ask for "Envirocall" to cancel or stop your assisted lift.

If you have any problems with the online forms please phone 0191 2787878 and ask for "Envirocall."