Pest Control for Your Business

Pest Control for Your Business


The council provides a pest control service to treat a variety of common pests in your business or commercial premises including mice, rats and a range of insects. We offer discreet assistance with pest-related problems to businesses at very competitive rates.

If you are an existing customer who wants to make a booking, or are a new customer looking for a contract please call our friendly team on 0191 2783942 or email us at

We are open Monday to Friday 8am till 4pm (excluding bank holidays.)

We do not treat things likes slugs, spiders and woodlice as these creatures are normally a sign of another problem such as damp. We also do not treat feral cats, rabbits, foxes, badgers or moles. We also do not treat maggots or moths.

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What kind of contracts do you offer?

We offer 12 month contracts which are tailored to your needs. Our contracts provide you with any necessary treatments, regular inspections and free call outs should you need us between your visits.

Please contact us directly to either arrange a contract or discuss treatment options. All details are kept confidential.

Our email is:

Our phone is: 0191 2783942

There is no online option for this at the moment. Our team can make arrangements for an officer to speak to you, arrange a quote or carry out a site visit.


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Can I have treatment without a contract?

We can offer one off call outs for treatment at a commercial premises.

The minimum cost for this regardless of the pest is £87.00. These are for Monday to Friday appointments.  We do not operate on Saturdays or Sundays.

To book and pay please phone 0191 2787878 and ask for "Pest Control"

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What can my business expect when you visit?

  • We will make sure we visit on the agreed appointment date

  • Our staff are in smart, plain uniforms with plain Newcastle City Council vans.

  • We will assess your problem and take the necessary course of action

  • Our prices are very competitive

  • We will give you advice on protecting your business and premises against future infestations

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What type of pests do you treat?

We treat a wide variety of pests. Some pests may require a few treatments. Some creatures are only classed as a pest when they are inside your business premises, so there are some pests that we only treat indoors.

We don't treat the following pests outside as they are considered to be in their natural habitat:

  • Mice

  • Ants

  • Mites and Beetles

  • Silverfish

  • Flies

  • Cockroaches

  • Fleas and Bedbugs

Bees are not treated as there has been a rapid decline in the bee population. Read more information on why bees are important or visit the Beekeepers Association website Remember we do not treat foxes, badgers, moles, feral cats or rabbits.

Pests we treat for Businesses
Ants These common insects can often find their way into buildings, especially kitchen areas.
Cockroaches They can carry food germs on their bodies and can be responsible for the spread of some serious illnesses.
Fleas Not everyone is affected by flea bites but they can cause serious irritation to people and pets.
Flies They can carry food germs on their bodies and lay eggs which can hatch into maggots.
Mice Can eat and spoil food as well as contaminate areas with urine and droppings.
Rats Can eat and spoil food, destroy wood and cables, as well as contaminate areas with urine and droppings. Can  be responsible for the spread of serious illnesses.
Silverfish Thrive in dark and damp conditions, often found around sinks or in damp cuboards.
Wasps Wasps become a nuisance to people mainly in late summer when they are more likely to sting. A wasp can sting many times. Although a sting is not normally serious it can be painful and in certain cases it can cause a reaction.
Pigeons and Birds  

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Contact Us

There is no online booking form for Business pest control customers at the moment, so please phone 0191 2783942  to make an appointment or to arrange to speak to one of our Pest Control Officers.

Our team can make arrangements for an officer to speak to you or carry out a site visit.

You can also email:


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Did you know?

If you need an urgent call out for your business or commercial premises, please contact our team:

0191 2783942

We aim to reply to general business and commercial queries within 1 working day.




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