Flood Management - Working together to manage flooding in Newcastle

Flood Management - Working together to manage flooding in Newcastle

Newcastle City Council, Northumbrian Water and the Environment Agency work together to manage flooding in the city

We all have responsibility to manage flood risk in the city. As climate change begins to affect our weather systems, potentially we are likely to see hotter, drier summers and warmer, wetter winters. It is also possible that we will experience more frequent and severe downpours such as those experienced in 2012.  Newcastle and our partners are accounting, planning and making significant investments in Newcastle to reduce flooding risks that will only increase as a consequence of climate change.  This is a problem facing all major cities and will require collaborative working between risk management partners as well as the efforts of residents and businesses.  


Newcastle City Council Flood Alleviation Schemes


How you can help

You can make a contribution to reducing the overall flood risk level. Individually this might not seem significant, but if all residents worked to reduce the run-off from their properties it would make a difference.


The simplest way to make a difference is to remove any debris from the top of drains and gullies and to keep them clear of leaves and rubbish. Any gullies that are free of debris but still remain blocked should be reported to Your Local Services or call 0191 278 7878. Your call will be logged and arrangements will be made to unblock the drain and reduce potential flooding. It helps the Council considerably.


Landscaping your garden with plants that thrive in damp, wet conditions, growing veg or owning a waterbutt all make an impact. The collected water can replenish your garden and also be used to wash your car or windows. If you are looking for inspiration the Environment Agency have produced some gardens guides to get you going.  Soggy Garden Guide (pdf 6.8mb), Yarden Guide (pdf 20mb).


Saving water is a priority. Northumbrian Water provide advice on how to do this, you can also order free water saving products. Along with other UK water suppliers, Northumbrian Water has teamed up with SaveWater.co.uk to offer its customers a wide choice of water saving products that can reduce the risk of flooding.


If you are a resident with a culvert or watercourse in or around your garden, you have responsibilities as a riparian owner. The Environment Agency provides a range of advice and information to explain your risks and responsibilities.


Similarly, if you are planning a property improvement, you should be aware that any changes which involve paving an area bigger than 5m2 over the front of your house will require planning permission, unless the surface is permeable. More information about this is available on the Government's planning portal, or contact our Planning Guidance Section.


The City Council are grateful to everyone who has taken the time to tell us about any flooding this allows us to plan for the future. 

As a resident or business, if you have been affected by a flood event and could provide us with information on the extent and impacts you have experienced, we would encourage you to complete a Flooding Questionnaire.  Knowing where there has been flooding across the City helps us prioritise our work to reduce flood risks.  All your information and photographic or video evidence is valuable to us and will be kept completely confidential. 

You can complete the form here online, or if you prefer complete a paper version and email or return to us by post.

Email the questionnaire to: flood.management@newcastle.gov.uk.

Forward your completed paper questionnaire to: Flood Risk Management Team, Newcastle City Council Civic Centre, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone please call the Flood Risk Management Team on 0191 211 6848.



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 For more information about anything mentioned on this page, please contact flood.management@newcastle.gov.uk or call 0191 2116848 (office hours Mon-Fri 8.30am - 4.00pm). If you need emergency assistance contact Your Local Services by phone 0191 2787878 or online

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