Electrification of heat: About the project

Electrification of heat: About the project

The UK faces a massive challenge to cut its carbon emissions.

Heating buildings accounts for about 20 percent of the country's carbon footprint, so gas boilers could be phased out, and all homes fitted with electric boilers by 2050.

By taking part in this exciting project households are supporting the UK to transform the way homes generate heat and hot water.

They are not only supporting the reduction in carbon emissions but have also received the latest technology in air source heat pumps, saving them energy and money.

Suitable homes received the technology installation at no cost to householders.

What we asked of them is that we monitor their system for one year to see how effective the system is and to ensure it is providing for a comfortable home. 

For those households who took part we are providing post installation support and maintenance of their systems.

Key aims

  • deliver high levels of consumer satisfaction and comfort through use of heat pump technology
  • learn from project to help improve awareness across the UK
  • develop, test and evaluate innovative products that are right for consumer’s homes

The project

The project is a partnership between energy supplier E.ON and Newcastle City Council, funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, with support from social housing provider Your Homes Newcastle and charity National Energy Action, which campaigns to end fuel poverty.

E.ON, the delivery contractor for the project was responsible for recruitment of households and the installation and monitoring of heat pumps.  

You did not have to be an E.ON customer to apply, nor did you have to become an E.ON customer to receive a heating upgrade.

Six steps to a greener home

The project funded upgrades to more than 300 properties within the Newcastle city area.

It was a six stage process, with successful applicants now at the final stage of this journey.

The Electrification of Heat project customer journey

  1. Apply
  2. Initial eligibility check
  3. Free home suitability survey 
  4. Free quotation
  5. Installation
  6. Post install support and monitoring – E.ON are monitoring heat pumps' performance to make sure they operating as efficiently as possible, and are on hand to offer any additional support on how best to use the system, with technical experts at the ready should households have any issues.

Need more information?

E.ON are the delivery partner and installed the new heat pumps.

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