Understand your bill

Understand your bill

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Understand your council tax bill 

You will receive your council tax bill for the year ahead by the end of March.

Example of your council tax bill:

Example of your council tax bill

How to pay your Council Tax Bill for 2022 - 2023


  1. Who is responsible for paying the bill, and their correspondence address

  2. Key Information

  3. This is the council tax band of the property, if you want to know more about your band go to 'Council Tax, How much will I pay'

  4. Date your council tax bill was created. Any payments made after this date will not be shown on this bill.

  5. Your council tax reference number, it is unique to this account.

  6. This is the property the council tax bill is for.

  7. This is the reason that the bill has been sent.

  8. This is the annual charge for the property for the financial year shown, it also shows:- The percentage change from previous year’s charges (refer to the booklet for full details).
    - Your contribution towards council services, fire and police services and adult social care precept

  9. The amount you have to pay, any discounts, exemptions or premiums that apply and any payments made towards the bill made before the issue date.

  10. If you choose to pay your council tax by cash, you can use this barcode at a Paypoint so that the money paid reaches the correct account – remember if you pay this way it can take a few days to reach us. The best way to pay is by Direct Debit.

  11. This tells you what to pay and when to pay – it is called your payment plan. If there is nothing to pay we will also tell you here.


Understanding the increased charges on your bill:

The overall increase for City Council including the Adult Social Care precept is calculated at 2.949%, an increase of 1.949% for City Council budget and 1.0% for the Adult Social Care precept for 2022/23.

The following example shows the calculation for increasing the charge for a Band D property:

  • For 2021/22 the Adults Social Care precept is £ 200.74 and the City Council precept is £1,0592.07 which is a total of £1,792.81
  • For 2022/23 the Adults Social Care precept is £218.67 and the City Council precept is £1,627.01  which is a total of £1,845.68

When comparing precepts across financial years it may appear that the % increase to each precept is higher (2.19% for the City Council and 8.9% for the Adult Social Care Precept), this is because the % increase is applied to the whole charge for the previous year rather than individual precepts.

In summary, the charge for 2022/23 is £1,792.81 + 2.949% = £1,845.68.


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