Having difficulty paying your Council Tax?

Having difficulty paying your Council Tax?

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If you can't pay your council tax by the date shown on your bill, or are having difficulty making payments please contact us straight away on 0191 278 7878  and ask for Council Tax or email council.tax@newcastle.gov.uk
You may be entitled to a discount, exemption or Council Tax Support which may help to reduce the amount you have to pay. 

Remember: If you cannot pay all of your bills make sure that you always pay the following bills first: rent, mortgage, gas, electricity, council tax, TV licence, Magistrates Court fines and child support. These bills are priority debts because late payment can be more serious than for other debts: you can lose your home, have your fuel supply cut off or even be sent to prison.

Council Tax Support

Help may be available to help you meet the cost of your council tax. The amount of help you could receive is based mainly on who lives with you and the total amount of money you have coming into your household. Even if you own your own home, you may still be able to receive help with your council tax.

Council Tax Support could help you pay your council tax if you're on a low income. Council Tax Support can pay for part or all of your council tax and you can apply whether you're unemployed or working.

Apply for Council Tax Support


What happens if I do not pay?

If you do not contact us or make a payment as billed, we will start recovery action against you to recover any money outstanding.  If you fail to make a payment we will send you a reminder to advise you of the amount of arrears. If you bring your payments up to date within 7 days you will be able to continue paying by instalments.

If your instalments are not brought up to date the full balance on your account will become due. We will issue a court summons and apply to Newcastle Magistrates Court for a liability order to enforce payment of the debt. This will result in costs of up to £110.00 being added to your bill.

What happens after a Liability Order is granted?

The liability will allow us to recover the debt by either:

  • making deductions direct from your earnings.
  • making deductions direct from your benefits.
  • sending your outstanding debt to an Enforcement Agent
  • applying for a charging order on your property
  • taking bankruptcy action

You can offer to make an arrangement for payment. We will try to ensure that you have the financial means to keep to that arrangement. This will mean that in order to help you, we may sometimes need to ask for full details of your income and outgoings.

Make an arrangement to repay


Enforcement Agent

If your debt is passed to an Enforcement Agent they can apply fixed fees which total £420.00. On receipt of your debt, fees of £75.00  will be added to your outstanding balance. If you do not make a payment  the Enforcement Agent may visit your property and £235.00 will be added to your total debt. Should it be necessary for them to sell your goods you will have to pay at least a further £110.00 . These additional costs cannot be cancelled or removed after your account is sent to an Enforcement Agent.  

Need more information?

Where can I get debt advice?

For independent debt advice you can contact:

Money Matters on 0191 277 1050 

Citizens Advice Newcastle on 0191 229 2750

For use by Citizen Advice Officers only: Contact Us form


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