The Newcastle Fund

The Newcastle Fund

The Newcastle Fund is the Council’s primary grant giving programme for VCS organisations

The Fund was introduced in 2011 and replaced a number of different grant aid programmes across the Council.  It provides monies to voluntary and community sector organisations based in the City for project-specific running costs or core costs.

Round 13 is open for applications now!

Deadline 2nd September 2022.

About the Newcastle Fund

The Newcastle Fund aims to support residents to build sustainable community resources. To do this, it grants financial support to VCSE organisations to pilot, expand or diversify important community activity.   The Council recognises that active citizens are at the heart of community activity and so The Newcastle Fund supports projects which use the skills, local knowledge and expertise of people as assets to design solutions which:

  • build community resilience
  • improve individuals' resilience
  • improve wellbeing and health

More than ever, we are aware of the increased pressures on the voluntary and community sector as a result of the pandemic and cost of living, therefore, we would like to emphasise that the Fund will continue to invite funding requests for organisational core costs to support you through this period.

By supporting projects which harness the power of community assets, the Fund can respond to the unique needs of communities and empower residents to achieve lasting change.

You can find out more about the aims and priorities of the Fund in The Newcastle Fund Round 13 Prospectus.

Available funding

VCSE organisations can apply for up to a maximum of £50,000. 


The Newcastle Fund is available to constituted VCS organisations, registered charities and social enterprises. Funded activity must take place in Newcastle and benefit Newcastle residents. 

Please note the Newcastle Fund will NOT support:

  • organisations that are not constituted voluntary and community organisations, registered charities, or social enterprises
  • activity outside the Newcastle City Council area or activity which targets beneficiaries who are not Newcastle residents
  • costs or activities outside of the period of award
  • costs associated with submitting an application
  • organisations which do not have an organisational bank account

For more information on The Newcastle Fund and how to make an application, read the Round 13 guidance notes.

How to apply

All applications must be submitted online.

Apply for Funding

Measuring the Fund's impact

The Fund produces an annual report, which describes how the Fund has benefited Newcastle’s residents and communities over the last year, and shares information on projects funded and outcomes achieved.

The Newcastle Fund Annual Report 2019-20

The Newcastle Fund Annual Report 2018-19

The Newcastle Fund Annual Report 2017-18  

The Newcastle Fund Annual Report 2016-17

Ward Committee Grant Aid

In addition to the Newcastle Fund, the Council devolves funding for neighbourhood level projects to our ward committees, where decisions on funding are taken  by elected Councillors. Small projects which are focused on specific neighbourhoods should consider an application to the relevant ward committee, rather than to the Newcastle Fund. Further information can be found on the Grants and Funding web page.

Feedback and contact

We are committed to regularly evaluating our Newcastle Fund process to make sure it is effective. If you have any comments about the process, please let us know by emailing
For general enquires about applying to the Newcastle Fund, contact us at



Did you know?

Round 12 awards in figures:

  • 24 awards were made to 24 organisations
  • the average award amount was £21,203
  • 46% awarded projects deliver to beneficiaries in all Newcastle wards
  • 42% of awarded organisations have fewer than 10 employees
  • 21% of awarded projects support more than 500 beneficiaries
  • 79% of awarded organisations are female-led
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