Reablement services

Reablement services

What is reablement?

Reablement is a  personalised, short term service which helps you to recover and live independently at home. You may receive reablement following a:

  • stay in hospital
  • change in your needs
  • loss of confidence

What happens during reablement?

Staff will work with you in your home to build your confidence and help you to develop the skills you need to stay there.  This could include:

  • getting around your home
  • making meals
  • using the bathroom or dressing

At first you will get support for up to one week. During this time, staff will carry out an assessment to understand your needs.

If you need more support, we will agree a personalised plan with you. You may need a more time to regain your skills and confidence. We expect that you need less support as time goes on. We will keep reviewing your progress and needs with you.


Who are the reablement team?


Health and Social Care Coordinators carry out an assessment to identify your needs and agree your reablement plan with you. They will review your plan throughout your service.

Health and Social Care Officers work with you in your home. They encourage you to do things for yourself which will help you regain your skills and increase your confidence.

The Team Leader is the manager who oversees the delivery of your reablement service.

Therapy Team are a range of specialists, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians or moving and handling coordinators who help with:

  • mobility
  • breathing
  • circulation
  • bones
  • soft tissue
  • pain management
  • equipment and aids
  • eating and nutrition

Accessing reablement services

Contact Community Health and Social Care Direct to arrange a referral.

If you're leaving hospital, the hospital will arrange this with you if needed.

Costs and charges

There is no charge for reablement up to a maximum of 6 weeks.
If you need ongoing care following your period of reablement, you will be assessed. There may be a charge for this care in line with the Council’s Charging Policy.

If you still need help at home after your reablement service. It will be agreed with you and your care and support will be transferred to another provider.


What to expect from the reablement service

You can expect us to:

  • respect your privacy and dignity
  • share information about you with other professionals on a need to know basis and with your permission.
  • listen to your views
  • help you remain as independent as possible
  • respect your gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or culture
  • ensure our staff are trained to provide you with reablement

What we expect from you:

  • a safe environment in your home
  • tell us of any changes which may affect the support you receive
  • you engage with the overall goals of reablement
  • to tell us if you are going out or away
  • give us feedback on our service
  • treat our staff with respect


You can find out more about Care Services, including our Reablement service, in our Care Services Annual Report

Care Services Annual Report 2022_23.pdf

Need more information?

Contact Community Health and Social Care Direct

Phone: 0191 278 8377

Contact the Reablement team:

Phone: 0191 278 2898

Address: Reablement Service

2nd Floor

Former Westgate College

West Road

Newcastle upon Tyne