Carers Assessment

Carers Assessment

Carers have rights and support is available to you in Newcastle.  You can get:

  • information, advice and support from local health services and voluntary organisations
  • a carers assessment to find out if you are eligible for support from the council


As an adult carer, you may be able to get practical and financial support from the council. To receive support from the council you must be:

  • providing necessary care to a person and
  • your physical or mental health is, or is at risk of deteriorating


What is a Carer’s assessment?

If you provide or intend to provide care and support to someone aged 18 or over who lives in Newcastle and you appear to have a need for support in relation to your caring role, you should be offered a carers assessment by the Council. If you are not offered one, you should ask for one.

A carer's assessment gives you the chance to tell us about your caring role and the impact caring is having on you.  It focuses on your needs and covers your:

  • health and wellbeing
  • looking after others
  • having time to yourself
  • the things you want to achieve on a day to day basis

A carer's assessment is usually carried out by council staff with the person you care for. This helps us understand your situation and find ways we can support you both.

You can ask for a separate assessment, even if the person you care for does not want or has not had an assessment from us. There is no difference in the type or amount of support we offer to carers with eligible needs following a combined or separate assessment.

You can ask for an Assessment  using this online form  or contact the Community Health and Social Care Direct Team on 0191 278 8377.

If you are not eligible for support from the council we will give you information about other services that can help.

Young carer’s assessment

Young carers have the right to a young carer’s assessment to:

  • find out what help and support you and your family need
  • choose the amount of care you receive
  • be protected from excessive or inappropriate caring that impacts on your health and wellbeing
  • get information and advice

A young carer’s assessment looks at the amount of caring you do and what needs to change to make sure you have the same opportunities as other young people.

If you are under 18 contact Newcastle Carers to ask for a young carers assessment.

Need more information?

Request a Carers Assessment

Contact: Community Health and Social Care Direct at Newcastle City Council

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm


Phone: 0191 278 8377

Mobile: 07968 474891

Textphone: 0191 278 8359


Download the Do you look after someone? Carers information leaflet from Newcastle City Council.