Re-Register Your Child's Birth

If the parents of a child marry after the child is born, they are required by law to re-register the birth to show the mother's marital status and/or have the natural father’s details added to the birth record.

You can also add the natural father’s details to the birth record if the natural parents were not married to each other when their child was born and have not married each other since.

If a child's mother marries the natural father after the child’s birth was registered you should complete Form LA1.

If parents are not married but would like the natural father’s name on the birth record you should complete Form GRO 185.


To make an appointment to re-register your child’s birth please contact the Register Office. You should bring your completed form with you.


If you are not married and one of you cannot attend the appointment, that person also needs to fill in a Statutory Declaration of Acknowledgement of Parentage and post it to the General Register Office.


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