Vegetable PizzaOur Services to Schools Team provides schools across Newcastle with a wide range of nutritionally well balanced school meals. The daily choices on our menus mean that there will always be something on the menu your child will enjoy.

We carefully develop all our menus in line with the School Food Plan. These are mandatory standards from the Department for Education, to help school catering teams to create menus that are imaginative, and nutritious. You can view more information on the School Food Plan website.

We have also been awarded the Soil Association food for life catering Bronze Award.

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Good reasons to choose a school lunch
Where we get our ingredients from
Cost of school meals
Free school meals
Special events and theme days
School recipe book
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Soil Association food for life catering Bronze Award

Having this award means that:

  • Bronze Award logowe prepare at least 75% of the food we offer using fresh ingredients;
  • we only serve meat that is from farms which satisfy UK welfare standards;
  • we serve fruit and vegetables that are seasonal and locally grown, wherever possible;
  • our food is free from GM ingredients, trans fats and harmful additives;
  • our eggs are from cage-free hens;
  • we make sure that free drinking water is available;
  • we don’t serve fish from the Marine Conservation Society ‘fish to avoid’ list; and
  • our menus cater for dietary and cultural needs.

You can view more information about the Bronze Award on the Soil Association Certification web pages.

Good reasons to choose a school lunch

There are many great reasons why you should choose a school lunch for your child; here are just a few of them:

Our school lunches:

  • are prepared by catering staff who are thoroughly trained in all aspects of food hygiene and health and safety regulations;
  • will help your child to concentrate during lessons and recharge their energy;
  • encourage healthy eating habits;
  • provide up to three of your child's five a day portions of fruit and vegetables;
  • are a great way to try new foods and develop tastes for different foods;
  • are excellent value for money;
  • offer a daily selection and choice of freshly cooked main meals, salads and desserts, fresh fruit or yoghurt;
  • offer vegetarian options every day;
  • can cater for any special cultural or medical dietary requirements; we work closely with parents and teachers to make sure that each child can enjoy a hot, healthy and nutritious meal at lunchtime;
  • help children to have the confidence to make choices;
  • help children to develop social skills by eating and relaxing with others; and
  • take away the responsibility of providing a packed lunch.


Roast Pork We create our menus following the School Food Plan guidelines while also considering what our customers want. Our catering teams have also tailored menus to suit some individual schools, taking into account various needs and preferences. And, we now have allergen information available for all of our menus.

You can view, download and print the latest menus and information from the following links:

Primary School Menu 2018 2019 (pdf, 1.08mb)
Allergen information Autumn 2018 (pdf, 683kb)

Individually tailored school menus

Archibald First (pdf, 1.448kb)
Beech Hill Primary (pdf, 1007kb)
Benfield School (pdf, 3085kb)
Bridgewater Primary (pdf, 1080kb)
Broadwood Primary (pdf, 1001kb)
Byker Primary (pdf, 1006kb)
Canning St Primary (pdf,1190kb)
Central Walker Primary (pdf, 951kb)
Cheviot Primary (pdf 1190kb)
Chillingham Road Primary week 1 (pdf, 987kb)
Chillingham Road Primary week 2 (pdf, 1246kb)
Chillingham Road week 3 (pdf, 987kb)
Cragside Primary (pdf, 1244kb)
Dinnington First (1mb)
Farne Primary (1109kb)
Gosforth Academy (pdf, 5298kb)
Gosforth Junior Academy (pdf, 4550kb)
Hadrian School (pdf, 1081kb)
Hawthorn Primary (pdf, 1107kb)
Kenton Bar Primary (pdf, 1301kb)
Kenton School (pdf, 3066kb)
Kingston Park Primary (pdf, 1194kb)
Mary Astell Academy (pdf, 3825kb)
Monkchester Road Nursery (pdf, 1108kb)
Moorside Primary (pdf, 1520kb)
Mountfield Primary (pdf, 1001kb)
Newburn Manor Primary (pdf, 1216kb)
North Fawdon Primary (pdf, 1217kb)
Our Lady and St Anne's RC Primary (pdf, 996kb)
Ravenswood Nursery (pdf, 1109kb)
Ravenswood Primary (pdf, 1001kb)
Sacred Heart Primary (999kb)
Simonside Primary (pdf, 1189kb)
Sir Charles Parsons (pdf, 1189kb)
South Gosforth First School (pdf, 1009kb)
St Bede's RC Primary (pdf, 998kb)
St Catherine's Nursery (pdf, 994kb)
St Charles' Primary (pdf, 1002kb)
St Cuthbert's RC High (pdf, 987kb)
St Cuthbert's RC Primary (pdf, 916kb)
St Lawrence's RC Primary (pdf, 1222kb)
St Mary's Catholic Academy (pdf, 4576kb)
St Michael's RC (pdf, 1107kb)
St Oswald's Primary (pdf, 1242)
St Teresa’s Primary (pdf, 1106kb)
St Vincent's Primary (pdf, 1412kb)
Trinity Oakfield (pdf, 2328kb)
Tyneview Primary (pdf, 1000kb)
Walbottle Primary (pdf, 1109kb)
Walker Technology College (pdf, 3079kb)
Walkergate Primary (pdf, 1381kb)
West Jesmond Primary (pdf, 1361kb)

Where we get our ingredients from

We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. This means that we can support the local economy and protect the environment.
You can see exactly where we get our ingredients from on our Food map.

Cost of school meals

The costs for our school meals are as follows:

Flapjack and custard£2.00 for primary schools and £1.90 for nursery school meals. This is for a standard two course meal which may include a drink.

£2.10 for secondary, high and special school meals. This is for a standard two course meal. Meal deals and other options are also available and the tariffs are as follows:

Breakfast (pdf, 145kb)
Drinks and Snacks (pdf, 283kb)
Lunch (pdf, 162kb)
Lunchtime meal deals (pdf, 1011kb)
Sandwiches (pdf, 238kb)

Free school meals

All children in reception, year 1 and year 2 at state schools in England automatically get free school meals.

For pupils of other ages, if you are on Income Support or receive certain other benefits and your child is in school on a full-time basis (including those in sixth-form or children at nursery for a full day) you are entitled to free school meals.

Getting free school meals:

  • means you can save around £370 every year;
  • guarantees that your child will get a hot, nutritious meal at lunch time to keep them going until home time; and
  • may also mean that you can get help to pay for school activities, such as music lessons and school trips.

See our Free School Meals page or phone 0191 278 7878 and ask for free school meals to check if your child qualifies and to find out how to apply.

Special events and theme days

We work with schools to host special events and theme days.  These fun events give children the opportunity to experience different foods and tastes from around the world and keep mealtimes interesting.

Contact us

We welcome your comments and any questions you have about our service.
You can get in touch with us by any of the following ways:

Phone: 0191 2787878


Useful links

Soil Association
LACA (Lead Association for Catering in Education)
Food for Life Partnership
Sustainable Food Cities
Children's Food Trust
Marine Conservation Society
Change 4 Life

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13 September 2018
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