Can I change my preferences after submitting my application?

If you apply online you can change your preferences online up to the closing date of midday on 31 October 2017. Remember to resubmit your online form every time you view it even if you have not made any changes. You will get a confirmation email each time you do this.

If you submitted a paper application, you will need to inform us in writing about any changes to your preferences before the closing date of midday, 31 October 2017. Please include your child’s full name and date of birth in any correspondence.

If you want to change your preferences after the closing date, you will have to send us a new paper form. Your original application will be cancelled and replaced with your new application. The new application will be classed as late and will not be processed until the second waiting list on 9 April 2018.

Will it make a difference if my application is submitted late?

Yes. If your application is received after midday 31 October 2017, it will be processed after we have processed all the on time applications. You are unlikely to get a place at one of the schools listed on your form and you will not receive your school offer until 9 April 2017. Evidence must also be submitted on time or will not be considered.

My application is late but I have extenuating circumstances

If you provide evidence with your application to explain why it was late, the admission authorities for the named schools will consider whether they will accept your reasons as exceptional and process your application as though it was received on time. The latest date for any late application to be submitted and considered as an exception is 24 November 2017. Beyond this date, it will be treated as late.

Can I change my preferred schools after offer day?

Yes. If you wish to change your preferences, for example to apply for a school that was not included on your initial application, you must make a new application. The new form will cancel and replace the original. If you wish to keep any of your initial preferences they must be included in any updated application.

Late changes will be processed in the second waiting list run on 9 April 2018. You must send us the late change application by 26 March 2018 to be included in this process. We will contact you if we can offer a higher preference at this time.

After this date we will add new applications on to waiting lists and reallocate school places from waiting lists on a weekly basis where spaces have become available. Waiting lists are ranked in line with the school’s oversubscription criteria, not based on the date the application was received. Your child may therefore go up or down the waiting list for any school.

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6 August 2018
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