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When will I hear the outcome of my application?

If you applied online, you can log back into your application on 18 April 2017 to find out the school we have offered your child. Follow the instructions online to accept or decline the school place by 2 May 2017.

Most parents will also receive an automated email alert on 18 April to tell you that the online application system is live. There is no direct link between the timing of the email and the moment the website goes live. You do not have to wait to receive an email in order to access the website. If you do not receive an email alert, this could be for different reasons. The most common are that you ticked a box on the online form asking not to be notified by email, or your mail server has delayed the delivery of the email or sent it to your spam or junk mail folder. You can log into the online application system without having received an alert.

If you applied on time on paper we will post you a letter second class on 18 April 2017. Offer information will not be given out by phone.

Every parent must respond to confirm whether you wish to accept or refuse the school place by 2 May 2017. If you do not respond by this date we may withdraw the offer and reallocate the place to another child.

If you changed your original preferences after 15 January 2017 or applied late, we will contact you with your child’s school offer on 5 June 2017.

We will only discuss admission related queries with the parent or carer who submitted the application unless we are given written consent by the parent/carer to discuss the application with another relative or carer who contacts us.

What can I do if my child is not offered a place at my preferred school and I am not happy with the school offered?

If you are not offered your highest preference, you are advised to accept the school place you have been offered to ensure your child has a school place for September 2017.  Accepting the place offered will not affect your chance of getting a place at a school you prefer more, either through the waiting list process or through an appeal.

If we do not offer your highest preference, your child will automatically go on the waiting list for any school ranked higher than the school we did offer. For example if you are allocated your third ranked preference you will be placed on a waiting list for the schools you ranked first and second.  If a place becomes available at a later date, we will withdraw the current offer, even after you have accepted it, and allocate your child a place in the higher preference school.  At any point you may only have one school offer.

The above process will happen automatically. If you do not want to go on the waiting lists for higher preference schools you must let us know in writing or you could lose the place you were originally allocated at the lower ranked school.

Waiting lists are ranked in line with the school’s oversubscription criteria, not based on the date the application was received. Your child’s position on a waiting list will therefore change over time. Please note we are unable to tell you where your child sits on a waiting list.  Waiting lists are only re-ranked at the point when a place becomes available.

What happens if you offer me a lower preference school but I am happy to accept the place and do not want to remain on the waiting list/s for higher preference schools?

If you are happy to do so, you must accept the offer of the lower ranked school within 10 days and you must also let us know in writing that you want your child removed from the waiting list for the initially higher ranked school/s. If you do not do so, your child will automatically be added to the waiting list/s for the higher ranked school/s. And if a place becomes available at a later date we will withdraw the current offer for the lower ranked school and offer your child a place in the higher preference school.

When will places that have become available since offer day be reallocated?

The first waiting list process run will take place on 8 May 2017 and will only include applications that have been received on time (by midday, 15 January 2017).  If you are successful in gaining a place we will contact you with your new offer.  Please do not call us because offer information will not be given by telephone.

Late applications and changes will be included in the second waiting list process run and applicants will be notified of offers on 5 June 2017.

Can I change my preferred schools after offer day?

Yes. If you wish to change your preferences, for example to apply for a school that was not included on your initial application, you must make a new application.  The new form will cancel and replace the original.  If you wish to keep any of your initial preferences they must be included in any updated application.

Late changes will be processed in the second waiting list run on 5 June 2017.  You must send us the late change application by 15 May 2017 to be included in this process. We will contact you if we can offer a higher preference at this time.

After this date we will add new applications on to waiting lists and reallocate school places from waiting lists on a weekly basis where spaces have become available.  Waiting lists are ranked in line with the school’s oversubscription criteria, not based on the date the application was received. Your child may therefore go up or down the waiting list for any school.

If you are not offered a place for your child at your preferred school you have the right to appeal against the decision to an Independent Appeals Panel.  However please be aware the panel has very limited grounds to allow an appeal for reception, year 1 and year 2 because of infant class size legislation which limits these year groups to a maximum of 30 children per qualified teacher.

Parents are advised to consider their case carefully and seek independent advice from the Appeals Service by email to or phone 0191 277 7427. You can also read more information about making an appeal here.

You will not improve your chances of winning an appeal by refusing the allocated alternative school place - this has no bearing on your appeal.  Appeals forms should be returned by 22 May 2017 to ensure the appeal will be heard before September 2017.

Is there any help available with the costs of my child attending school?

The following types of support may be available depending on your family circumstances.

  • Free home to school travel is available to eligible pupils aged 5 - 16 in the form of a travel permit which is valid for a return journey on public transport on school days.
  • All reception, year 1 and year 2 children are entitled to receive a free school meal as part of the Government's Universal Infant Free School Meal Policy irrespective of income. You will need to register with your child’s school in order for your child to get the free meal.
  • If your family is on a low income, your child’s school may be able to access additional funding called the Pupil Premium to help with school expenses and resources to support your child. When you register for your child’s Universal Infant Free School Meal, they will ask you some income related questions in order that they can assess your eligibility for Pupil Premium.
  • There is no financial support available from the local authority towards the cost of school uniform.

Breakdown of school Reception places

The below information shows the percentage of offers made for Reception places for Academic Year 2017/18 broken down by preference. This data reflects on time applications made by Newcastle Students on national offer day. All on time Reception students who were not offered a preference of their choice were allocated the Newcastle school closest to their home address which had places available. 

Preference Offered Percentage
First preference 86.82%
Second preference 6.73%
Third preference 2.04%
Forth preference 0.93%
Not offered a preference 3.48%

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered in the summary information above, you may find the information you need in our frequently asked questions section. If you have any further questions after reading this, please contact us directly. We will respond as soon as possible but at busy times our response times are 3 working days for phone calls and up to 10 working days for written correspondence.


Phone: on 0191 278 7878 (ask for “School Admissions”)

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Access, Admissions and Attendance Service
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