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Data and evidence

Major projects and our evidence base

 Every project we undertake is in order to address an identified problem with the transport network. Most of our transport projects are being delivered as packages, but are divided into different phases or schemes so they can be managed effectively. Each scheme has its own Re-newcastle Page, which outline the issues and our proposed solutions. You can see the main packages below and the key background information associated with each one;

Within the City Centre

We want to make sure our city centre is designed for people to move about, not designed to give priority to traffic. We are committed to providing better and safer facilities, and we are investing in better technology to manage our roads, which will help us free up road space whilst also ensuring more reliable journeys on buses and in cars.

City Centre North

Across the City

To enhance our investment in the city centre, we also plan work to improve movement across the city. Our proposals are based on upgrading the technology we use to manage our highways. Currently many of the busiest corridors are not controlled using modern technology, and this means that in peak hours journeys are slower and less reliable than they could be.

Northern Access Corridor

 Gosforth Transport Improvements