About Cowgate

The Cowgate estate was built in 1920's, and made up of 1677 houses and two storey flats. Although it was a popular estate for a long time, over recent years it has had a number of issues and difficulties to overcome. In 2009 we began the Cowgate Strategy, a long term commitment toward supporting the estate and improving quality of life for residents living there.

In both the north and south of the Cowgate Estate, our work is:

  • Strengthening the economy by helping people on the Estate find and stay in work
  • Creating a safer Cowgate through tackling anti-social behaviour and crime
  • Providing better, inclusive support to families
  • Tackling domestic violence, its tolerance and its impact
  • Delivering better health by improving access to services
  • Offering more opportunities for young people on the Estate both at school and outside of school
  • Improving the environment by tacking litter and fly-tipping
  • Providing better places to live through stronger housing management
  • Tackling poor private landlords and tenants
  • Delivering the Small Area Budget pilot to benefit Cowgate and inform national policy on locality working and community budgets
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27 January 2014
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