For various reasons we bring forward planning guidance that does not need to be or cannot be in a Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD). For example, we generally do not produce a SPD for guidance on smaller sites, which can come forward at short notice and need urgent action. There are also issues that may require some form of interim guidance pending treatment in another more permanent policy document.

Although not SPDs as such, we generally try to produce this type of guidance in line with the procedures for SPDs, particularly in relation to consultation. This gives them more weight when it comes to using them in decision making on planning applications, for example.

We have listed documents below according to their status. Please note this is not a comprehensive list of 'other planning guidance' but that we are endeavouring to bring it up to date as soon as possible. You should also check to see if a Supplementary Planning Document covers the topic, site or area you are interested in. 

Draft documents currently under consultation

None at the present time

Approved documents - citywide

Approved documents - site or area specific

Tyne Gorge study

Cover of Tyne Gorge study, June 2003In 2003 the Council published the Urban Landscape Study of the Tyne Gorge, Final Report. This has not been approved as guidance as such. However, it is used by the Council to aid decision making and is thus essential reading for anybody considering development either of sites in the central Newcastle and Gateshead quayside areas or visible from there.

The document is very well illustrated but as a result is a very large pdf file - over 90 MB. We cannot therefore place it on the web site for download, but you are welcome to request a copy on CD-ROM.  However, you can download a text only executive summary below.

Executive summary (pdf, 12 kb)

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31 January 2018
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