Photo of roadside lined with trees in residential areaThe Tree Strategy for Newcastle upon Tyne is about how we will protect and care for Newcastle's trees, hedges and woodlands and how we hope to plant more trees, in suitable places, to help improve Newcastle's environment. The Strategy is currently being revised.

The original document policy is adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance and is available below.

Introduction (pdf, 4mb)
Part 1 - Revised Action Plan (pdf, 90kb)
Part 2 - Tree Policy (pdf, 15mb)
Part 3 - Tree Management Guidelines (pdf, 4mb)

If need any further details please contact:
Edwina Symmons, Landscape and Ecology Group, Investment and Development.
Phone :  0191 277 8950
E-mail :

If you would like to report any issues with a Council tree, including those on YHN properties, telephone 0191 278 7878 and ask for Envirocall.
If you would like to discuss a protected tree – with a Tree Preservation Order, or within a conservation area - contact Edwina Symmons on 0191 277 8950.


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10 June 2016
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