As part of our commitment to sustainability and to improving the health of children and young people in Newcastle, we want to make it easier for everyone to choose sustainable ways of travelling to schools, colleges and universities.

What is sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel can improve the health and wellbeing of the travellers and at the same time reduce harm to the environment.

For instance:

  • Walking and cycling are healthier than travelling by car and do not cause congestion or pollution.
  • Travelling by bus or sharing a car also help to cut congestion and pollution.
  • Private car is the least sustainable way of travelling to school.

Strategy to promote sustainable travel

We have developed a draft strategy to promote the use of sustainable travel which will look at the travel needs of all children and young people going to any place of learning in Newcastle.

Sustainable modes of travel draft strategy (257kb, pdf)

The strategy will cover college and university students as well as children with special needs.

Travelling early to school for breakfast clubs and at the end of after school activities will also be included.
To make it easier for children and young people and their parents or carers to leave the car behind we will:

  • find out how children travel now and how they want to travel by assessing need
  • look at the problems children and young people face getting to school or college by auditing the existing infrastructure of travel options and routes
  • include safe and pleasant walking, cycling and public transport routes by developing appropriate plans to improve the infrastructure
  • make sure that the travel needs of children and young people with disabilities are met by undertaking an audit of accessibility
  • provide information to help and encourage parents, children and young people to choose sustainable travel.

We are already tackling many of these issues through school travel plans and in college and universities through workplace travel plans.

Contact us

For further information, help or advice or to let us know your views:

Road Safety and Sustainable Travel Strategy
Road Safety Manager and Sustainable Transport Officer
Phone: 0191 211 5961 

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22 January 2014
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