We're working very hard to make journeys to and from school safer, cheaper and greener.

Schools Go SmarterWe want to get more children and families walking and cycling to school so we can cut traffic problems caused by the school run and get people healthier and fitter. To achieve this we have partnered with our neighbouring local authorities to launch the Schools Go Smarter programme.


Schools Go Smarter programme

Schools Go Smarter encourage active travel by foot, cycle and public transport and our programme can help you make the choices that can fit in with your family’s lifestyle. Where car journeys need to be made for the school run we want to make sure that motorists give consideration to the needs of all road users when they park near schools.

Our team is made up of experienced staff from the Tyne and Wear local authorities, Nexus, the cycling charity Sustrans, and the walking charity Living Streets.


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Discover the benefits from active travel, such as feeling healthier, saving money, being kinder to the environment and making our roads safer. Above all, it could mean less stress and a little more quality time with your children in the morning.

Visit the Schools Go Smarter website as well as our Facebook page to find out more.

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20 May 2014
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