Co-wheels car clubYou don't need to own a car to use a car. Join Newcastle's car club!

Co-wheels is a 'pay by the hour' car club with cars parked in convenient locations across Newcastle close to where people live and work. Members can make use of car club vehicles as and when they need them, without any of the cost and hassle of owning a car.

Car club membership also encourages people to think more about their journey, only taking the car when it's the best option, so helping to cut car use and tackle climate change.

Similarly, using the car club for business travel is cheaper, faster and less hassle to manage than pool cars, taxis, hire cars or subsidising employees' private car use, and saves on parking charges.

There are Co-wheels car bays at the following locations in Newcastle:

  • Photograph of Car club car Outside Central Station, Westgate Road, City Centre
  • Queen Victoria Road car park, city centre
  • Dean Street, city centre
  • Westgate Road, city centre (west)
  • City Road, opposite the Quayside multi storey car park
  • Swing Bridge car park, Quayside
  • Portland Road, Shieldfield
  • Eslington Road, Jesmond
  • Lyndhurst Avenue, West Jesmond
  • Ilford Road
  • Heaton Road, Heaton
  • Chillingham Road, Heaton (north)
  • Chillingham Road, Heaton (south)
  • Ivy Road, Gosforth
  • Elmfield Road, Gosforth

Co-wheels offers pay as you go car hire for individuals and businesses from as little as £3.75/hour.

So why not join today, save yourself loads of money and do your bit to reduce car use?

To join, book or find out more phone 0845 602 8030 or visit

Co-wheels is a Community Interest Company. This means it is a not-for-profit organisation and all money made is reinvested into the car club and its development.

They are a company owned by its members, i.e. people like you. They don't have shareholders, and members decide how they operate and how they develop car clubs and sustainable transport in local areas. Co-wheels are working in partnership with Newcastle City Council. 

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25 April 2014
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