If you need to place temporary traffic lights on the highway and you are not a statutory undertaker then you will need to apply for permission using our Temporary Traffic Signals Application Form (pdf 76kb).

If you are not covered as a recognised utility company then for the purposes of applying for temporary traffic signals you are classed as a contractor.

The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA), supported by relevant Regulations and Codes of Practice, provides a legislative framework for street works by undertakers (including utility companies) and works for road purposes, to the extent that these must be co-ordinated by street authorities.

How do I apply for Temporary Traffic Signals permission? You will need to apply be completing our temporary traffic signals application form (pdf 76kb)
What we require from you the applicant

Completed form.
A clear location plan showing the traffic management and timings of works.
You must complete all the elements of the form as failure to do this could lengthen the application period

Minimum period of notice required

These lead in times may increase when a road is traffic sensitive

Category of work 2 Way Multi Phase
Immediate or emergency works By agreement with our Highway Control Assistant By agreement with our Highway Control Assistant
Minor works 10 days 20 days
Standard works 10 days 20 days
Major works 20 days 20 days


If you require the switching off of any permanent traffic signals then you must contact us in advance .  Please phone David Fothergill on 0191 2783841 or mobile 07773802312 or email david.fothergill@newcastle.gov.uk

Duration of the licence

Any licence granted is for the timescale as noted on the approved form- any variation to this will require that you discuss with this with ourselves as other constraints may apply which could affect your works.

Emergency application

Should your works require temporary traffic signals to be installed in a emergency situation then you should make contact asap with David Fothergill details noted above or if out of office hours please phone 0191 2787878 for Civic Centre Security.


Newcastle City Council would expect you to maintain the temporary traffic signals in line with the legislation.

Contact details

For any details or queries you can contact the Streetworks Admin team streetworks@newcastle.gov.uk.

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18 May 2015
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