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Haddricks Mill / Killingworth Road, Jesmond Dene Road and Blue House Roundabout Update
Following our first stage consultation on junction improvements last summer, we’ve continued to look at how these key junctions in the north of the city interact with each other.
Killingworth Road
We’ve finalised the designs for Killingworth Road and will be submitting a planning application in March 2017.
There will be essential gas works taking place from Monday 27 March for five days. The northbound lane will be closed and diversions will be in place. You can find our more about the northbound closure here.

This is birds eye view of Killingworth Road which shows new cycle lanes, bus lane and on street parking.

This is another birds eye view of Killiongworth Road

Our proposals for improvements to Killingworth Road include:
      Widening the road to make is safer for everyone and reduce congestion
      Moving the carriageway further away from people’s homes to improve their air quality
      Installing wider pavements to make it easier for people on foot and with pushchairs or mobility issues to get around
      Installing two-way cycle lanes to make it safer for people on bikes
      Installing on-street parking for residents to improve access to their homes
      Replacing the retaining wall with improved landscaping
At the same time, we will also work in partnership with Nexus to replace the Metro bridge.
We will publish the dates as soon as the planning application is submitted and let people know how they can their say at this final stage of consultation.
Haddricks Mill junction
As you will all recognise, this is a complicated junction with competing demands from the variety of homes in the vicinity and the workplaces operating shift patterns nearby.
We want to make changes that would help to improve safety, provide space for all different road users and manage congestion but given the limited space there is available within the existing highway boundaries it’s understandably a junction that there is no easy solution for.
The first stage consultation exercise that we went through last summer and the communications we’ve received subsequently, make it clear that things that caused people the most concern about our original proposals were:
  • the potential changes to accessing the estate off Hunters Road
  • the potential expansion in size to the larger of the two roundabouts
  • that the proposals were not seen to do enough to benefit people on bikes
At the moment, we are finalising our proposals for changes to the junction and the approaches to it and are trying to balance the views you’ve expressed and the suggestions you’ve made, alongside our responsibility as a highways authority to make sure we have reliable and safe infrastructure.
Blue House roundabout
A working group was set up that is focusing on Blue House and the Jesmond Dene Road junctions with Osborne Road and Moorfield Road. The group have met six times and are making significant progress on developing a new proposal. The working group have their own independent web site that was set up in collaboration with Newcastle University’s Digital Civics Team – bluehousegroup.org.
Here’s our videos as to why we have to make improvements to these junctions.

Here's our video as to why we need to make the improvements.



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Cabinet papers November 2016 here. 
The public consultation about the designs we had proposed to improve the Blue House to Haddricks Mill junctions, including Jesmond Dene Road, closed on the 21 August 2016. Thank you to everyone who took part. The findings have been analysed by an independent research company. You can view the results here (PDF 5.35 MB).


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