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Haddricks Mill / Killingworth Road, Jesmond Dene Road and Blue House Roundabout Update

Following our first stage consultation on junction improvements in summer 2016, we’ve continued to look at how these key junctions in the north of the city interact with each other.

Here's our video as to why we need to make the changes.


Killingworth Road

We’re investing over £13.5m to widen the well-known pinch point at Killingworth Road. This funding is focused on addressing some major maintenance issues including the retaining wall and ensuring the bridge over the Ouse that the Haddricks Mill junction sits on is safe for future generations. Over-runs to the gas diversion works has meant a delay to the re-opening of Killingworth Road. We would like to thank everyone for their patience during the roadworks. You can read more here.

Blue House roundabout

Following public backlash to a consultation in July 2016 to expand the junction on to Town Moor land, we invited campaigners to work with us to develop alternative proposals.

The recommendations are based on a year-long process, with workshops held with community members and overseen by an independent specialist transport planner.

We are currently reviewing the recommendations to ensure it fits with our priorities and meets funding requirements. A final decision will be made in Summer 2018, and if approved a public consultation will follow.

You can read the full news story here. Link to the recommendation from the Working Group is available here This includes Jesmond Dene Road.

Haddricks Mill junction

As you will all recognise, this is a complicated junction with competing demands from the variety of homes in the vicinity and the workplaces operating shift patterns nearby.

We want to make changes that would help to improve safety, provide space for all different road users and manage congestion but given the limited space available within the existing highway boundaries it’s understandably a junction that there is no easy solution for.

Your feedback from the public consultation in 2016 hi-lighted three main issues:

  • the potential changes to accessing the estate off Hunters Road;
  • the potential expansion in size to the larger of the two roundabouts; and
  • that the proposals were not seen to do enough to benefit people on bikes (or seen to do too much depending on people’s point of view).

At the moment, we are finalising our proposals for changes to the junction and the approaches to it and are trying to balance the views you’ve expressed and the suggestions you’ve made, alongside our responsibility as a highways authority to make sure we have reliable and safe infrastructure. We will share these plans in the summer.

Page last updated: 
15 January 2019
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