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Haddricks Mill improvements - Major safety and infrastructure upgrade

We’re investing over £4m to improve one of the busiest junctions in the city – Haddricks Mill double roundabout in South Gosforth.

A well-known collision hotspot, we’ve plans in place to make it safer, smooth traffic flow and upgrade the ageing infrastructure.

Six roads converge onto the junction which is used by tens of thousands of commuters each day, with queues building up at peak periods, leading to longer journey times and affecting air quality in the area.

We plan to realign the lanes on approach to the junction to improve lane discipline, re-position the mini-roundabouts to increase capacity and install new pedestrian and cycling facilities, better signage and new intelligent crossing controllers and lights.

The new toucan crossings will help balance traffic flow at peak hours – reducing high levels of congestion and improving air quality.

We will also renovate the bride the junction sits on to expand its lifespan.

Download the leaflet with full details (PDF 5.95MB)

The full package of improvements include:

  • Water-proofing and maintenance to the bridge the junction sits on
  • Re-construction of carriageway
  • Raised bridge parapets to increase safety
  • Re-alignment of the roundabout to increase capacity
  • Widened lanes and better signage to improve lane discipline
  • Improved crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists to the main arms of the junction to control the flow of traffic at peak periods
  • Improved cycling and walking facilities including accessible routes to the Wagon Way
  • Segregated cycle lanes incorporated where space allows
  • Raised table to reduce speeding on Hunters Road

Go here to see the plans (pdf 4.8MB)

Minor tree removal is necessary with up to ten trees needing to be removed as part of the scheme, but we will replace them with at least 30 trees to further improve the environment.

We will take advantage of the current closure on Killingworth Road to start preparatory works on Haddricks Mill, reducing disruption to commuters before the main work starts.

The main programme of work to the carriageway will begin this spring and should least until early 2020. However, we are committed to minimising disruption and keeping two-way traffic on all approaches – apart from occasional night-time and weekend closures for resurfacing towards the end of the programme.

The works are a scaled down version of the proposals we consulted on in 2016 and addresses many of the concerns raised by residents such as the size of the junction, changes to access to a local housing estate and proposed banned tunes and movements.

We are also finalising plans for Blue House roundabout and these will be released in the summer.

The project received £4m from the Government’s Local Growth Deal through the North Est Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The Local Growth deal is supporting major capital investments to promote innovation, economic and skills infrastructure and sustainable transport as part of the North East Growth Deal.


Killingworth Road

We’re investing over £13.5m to widen the well-known pinch point at Killingworth Road. This funding is focused on addressing some major maintenance issues including the retaining wall and ensuring the bridge over the Ouse that the Haddricks Mill junction sits on is safe for future generations. Over-runs to the gas diversion works has meant a delay to the re-opening of Killingworth Road. We would like to thank everyone for their patience during the roadworks. You can read more here.

Blue House roundabout

We are finalising plans for Blue House roundabout and these will be released in the summer of 2019.


Here's our video as to why we need to make the changes.



Page last updated: 
12 March 2019
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