Our plans to keep Newcastle moving during the roadworks - read our press release here.

In preparation for the road closure, we have been working closely with neighbouring local authorities, Nexus, bus operators and other partners like Highways England to minimise disruption during the closure. We have worked together to develop a mitigation plan that spans local authority boundaries to reduce disruption levels and keep traffic flowing safely across the network. 

Download the full plan here. (pdf 2.54MB)

  • Timing of bridge and track replacement during summer holidays when numbers of people using Metro and roads are lower
  • Replacement bus service 900 to run in the affected areas
  • Improved safety and traffic management measures to connecting junctions along the Great North Road B1318 which runs from the city centre to the A1, including some banned turns and increased stacking space at junctions
  • Diversion routes agreed with bus operators with additional buses and pricing incentives to encourage more people to use public transport, reducing the number of vehicles on the network
  • Temporary bus lane on the Brunton Overbridge and two-way bus lanes at Four Lane Ends to prioritise buses through junctions
  • Closure of Salters Road Bridge to reduce the impact of the closure on nearby residential streets and to ensure safe access to the works compound for heavy equipment arriving
  • Timings on traffic signals on key routes programmed for longer green lights on routes that will see extra vehicles during peak periods
  • Heavily signed diversion routes across the regional network to help drivers avoid the area
  • Monitoring of the regional network through the Urban Traffic Management and Control Centre to identify early any bottlenecks created by the closure to enable the council to revisit plans in place
  • Gosmarter app available from www.gosmarter.co.uk/apps to help people keep up to date on roadworks and help plan their journey.

Update - 7 September 2017

Mitigation measures are kept under review to ensure they are working effectively and to take into account feedback from residents and businesses.

In response to traffic monitoring and your feedback we are making some changes:

  1. We are removing the temporary bus lane from the Brunton flyover.
    We had a lot of feedback about this and our monitoring has shown that it is not having the desired effect in terms of helping traffic flows through the area. Although it was worthwhile trying this measure during the summer holidays, in response to feedback and traffic monitoring, we have decided to remove this bus lane to coincide with the start of the new school term in September.
  2. We have made changes to diversion signage and signal timings.
    In response to your feedback we’ve changed the signage for the banned right turn into Salters Road, from the Great North Road, and signage at Goathland Avenue, Benton Road, Benton Lane and Hollywood Avenue. We’ve also changed traffic signal timings at the West Farm Avenue junction with Salters Lane, the Goathland Avenue junction with Benton Lane and at Four Lane Ends.
  3. We are funding more bike trains to and from the main work places.
    The bike trains will run by Bike 4 Health during the weeks commencing September 11, 18 and 25. Sign up sessions are taking place this week at HMRC, Freeman Hospital, BT, YHN and the Cobalt and Quorum business parks. We’ll be sharing more information about the bike trains soon. Look out for #TheBikeTrain on social media.

We will continue to monitor the road network and the mitigation measures which are in place throughout the project.

Page last updated: 
7 September 2017
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