Enforcement Guidelines (pdf, 45kb)
The Council's approach to parking enforcement is to be fair yet firm. This document outlines how we intend to deliver the best possible services to motorists and customers and what customers can expect from us.

Cancellation Guidelines (pdf, 83kb)
This document sets out the grounds specified by regulations on which a PCN can be cancelled following representations made by a motorist. Under each specified ground guidance is given on the factors which will influence the Council in deciding whether or not that ground is satisfied.

Differential Charging Guidelines (pdf, 40.0kb)
This document outlines what the charges are and gives information on the classification of contraventions to be applied for higher and lower level charges.

Parking Dispensations, Exemptions and Suspensions (pdf, 35kb)
This document outlines the circumstances in which a vehicle will be granted a dispensation or an exemption from the usual parking restrictions or where it is appropriate for bay/bays to be suspended from general use.

Guide to Parking in Newcastle (pdf, 4mb)
Access this guide for information on the parking rules in Newcastle for an understanding of the signs and lines, where you can park and areas where you shouldn't.

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4 December 2017
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