UNICEF Child Friendly City

Child Friendly Cities and Communities (CFC) is a Unicef UK programme that works with councils to put children's rights into action and at Newcastle City Council are one of the first four local authorities in the UK to join forces with Unicef to become a Child Friendly City. 

Newcastle City Council will now work with partners to develop six ‘badges’ which they will work on over the next three years. Each badge represents progress in a specific area of work and the successful completion of each badge will mark progress toward recognition as a Unicef Child Friendly City. The badges are:

  • Communication
  • Co-operation and Leadership
  • Culture
  • Healthy
  • Equal and Included
  • Safe and Secure

Discovery Phase - October 2017 Launch

The discovery phase was launched in October 2017 and ran until June 2018 where we engaged with over 150 children and young people. We attended events across the city to talk to young people about our badges and what they thought should be included in our action plans. You can read more about the discovery launch here. 

Action Planning - February 2019 Update Report

We hosted an action planning day at Newcastle United Football Club at St James' Park where around 30 students attended with their teachers from Heaton Manor School, Hotspur Primary School, Walbottle Campus and Skills 4 All to help us develop our action plans. 

Currently we are writing action plans around the outcomes and actions that recieved the most votes before we begin to deliver the plans. 

Read the UNICEF Child Friendly City and Communities February 2019 leaflet here.

Read Newcastle's draft action plan 2019 here. 

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