Policy cabinet to discuss the health of Newcastle

Policy Cabinet to discuss the health of Newcastle.

Newcastle City Council wants to hear from residents, services, and the voluntary and community sector about the health issues facing the city now and in the future. We will explore what could be done differently to make Newcastle a healthy and vibrant city whilst understanding the context of Government austerity,

The Council remains committed to tackling health inequalities and continuing on its journey to becoming a truly healthy city. The key challenges and targets for this ambition will be discussed at a Policy Cabinet session on Wednesday 11 October.

The audience at the event will include key stakeholders such as service users, providers, NHS representatives and the voluntary and community sector, and is open to the public.

The Council is focused on creating a culture of prevention, ensuring individuals and communities have the opportunity to take control of their own health. We champion access to local, high quality services and challenge the NHS when decisions are made that could impact on the health of our residents, especially those in disadvantaged parts of the city where the need may be greater.

This belief and the dedication to create a healthy, vibrant city is reflected in our work and translated into city wide projects such as Healthy Streets.  

Growing demand for the NHS and social care services, alongside resource pressures and the Government’s Austerity plans has created new challenges - ensuring we have modern, efficient services that meet the needs of our most vulnerable residents is vital.

Despite these challenges Newcastle has seen significant health improvements in in recent years, most notably reductions in the number of people smoking and the risk of heart disease and stroke. Life expectancy has risen and there have been improvements in child health. However, there is still an increasing gap in life expectancy between the most and least deprived in the city. Too many people develop illness and disability earlier on in their lives, tackling this disparity is a key priority when developing a healthy city for all.

The council and partners continue to have strong relationships and have a shared ambition to develop services, laying out their plans for better integrated health and care services where appropriate.

Councillor Jane Streather, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Housing said “We are working to make Newcastle a healthy and vibrant city.

A city that has health at its heart, whether that is through planning decisions, transport options, healthy streets or employment, anything that can have an impact on a person’s health should be and is considered.

We want to give residents the tools to stay healthy and continue to be the home of world class services for those who need them.

We know that we cannot deliver this vision alone and we value our relationships with partners across health and social care.

I would love to hear from residents, services and providers on how we can make these plans a reality”

The Healthy City Policy Cabinet will be held at Newcastle Civic Centre, Barras Bridge on Wednesday 11 October from 4.30pm onwards.

Full details of the Cabinet Paper are available on the Newcastle City Council website.