Healthy Highlights from Newcastle’s Schools

Pupils from Canning Street Primary School who created and performed the “Toothbrush Rush Rap”.
Pupils from Canning Street Primary School who created and performed the “Toothbrush Rush Rap”.

The annual Newcastle Healthy School Celebration took place on Wednesday 11 July highlighting the work schools have done across the city to improve the health of their pupils.

An audience of over 120 people enjoyed the celebration event during which pupils from seven schools delivered “healthy” performances, including raps, poetry, drama and song. The performances covered physical and mental health including healthy eating, managing feelings and oral health.

There were also presentations from Professor Eugene Milne, Newcastle City Council Director of Public Health and Councillor Nora Casey, cabinet member for Children, Education and Skills, both of whom awarded the schools with their Healthy Schools or Healthy Schools Plus status.

Councillor Nora Casey, Cabinet member for Children, Education and Skills said;

“I am thrilled to have been part of today’s event that has celebrated our schools approaches to supporting their pupils to be healthy and happy.

“It is important that we provide all our children and young people with the knowledge, skills and experience to build a healthy foundation for their lives, allowing them to create healthy habits at an early age.

“Good health, both physical and mental, can help children achieve their educational potential and enjoy life to the full.”

The Newcastle Healthy Schools programme is led by Newcastle City Council’s Public Health Team and is an assessed framework that works closely with schools to help them achieve Healthy Schools status.

Schools can also strive to achieve Healthy Schools Plus, showcasing a long-term commitment to the health and wellbeing of their pupils and focusing on a specific public health priority – this could include increasing uptake of healthy school dinners, increasing physical activity levels or improving mental health support for staff and pupils.

At this year’s event 22 schools received Healthy Schools Status, joining the 41 schools across the city who have already received the status.

Already 29 schools have completed a full cycle of the programme and 13 more were recognised for achieving a full cycle of Healthy School Plus this year, having changed pupil health behaviour/perception/attitude.

In total 48 schools across the city are actively involved in the Healthy Schools Plus programme.


Photo caption – Pupils from Canning Street Primary School who created and performed the “Toothbrush Rush Rap”.