Exciting new chapter for Newcastle's Grainger Market

A photograph of Grainger Market in Newcastle upon Tyne
A photograph of Grainger Market in Newcastle upon Tyne

For over 180-years the Victorian Grainger Market has been the cultural gem in the heart of Newcastle City Centre providing a beautiful venue for people to trade, shop and meet.

The Grade I listed building is ready to embark on the next exciting part of its heritage journey with the City Council announcing £2.66M of capital investment that will be used to repair and refurbish the Arcade glazed and barrelled roof.

Cllr Ged Bell, City Council Cabinet member for Inclusive Growth, said: “Grainger Market is one of the most iconic and historically relevant landmark buildings in the City, and for generations the market place has been at the centre of the community.  We recognise Grainger Market’s continued importance on a business, retail, consumer and tourism level; and the investment is a crucial way to ensure the building is still serving the people of Newcastle and its visitors for the next 180-years.

“Ongoing wear and tear means that the architecturally stunning roof needs to be refurbished, which will not only help protect this important asset but will also enable Grainger Market to develop and flourish for years to come.” 

The Grainger Market currently houses over 110 independent market traders with stalls ranging from traditional fruit and veg, through to fish mongers, butchers and a cobbler. Another attractive aspect of the market is the other diverse products on sale including international street foods, beauty, specialist jewellery, fashion, electricals and haberdashery.

The building work would look to commence in January 2018. This date has been assigned to ensure the works don’t affect the traders’ essential Christmas season. The Grainger Arcade will remain open for business throughout the 9-month construction period.

A recent visit by building conservation specialists to the Market reinforced the need for renovation work to be implemented at the earliest opportunity.      

Cllr Bell, concludes: “Of course during the refurbishment work we would ask for the patience of traders and of the 127,000 visitors the market enjoys each week - as the benefits that people will be able to enjoy at the end of the renovation will be huge.  The essential work is to help guarantee the safety of all market users, and to make an investment that will see Grainger Market continue to grow and move forward in the ilk of similar cultural buildings across the country and Europe. Grainger Market is a crucial part of Newcastle’s retail experience and important to the local economy.”

The last phase of the Grainger Market’s refurbishment saw the upgrade of all 14 of the market’s entrances with new outer doors, additional lighting, decoration and extra fire safety measures.

Lights above each entrance were refurbished, and signage is being placed on the paved surrounding streets to make it much more visible and welcoming.

Grainger Market is currently open 6-days a week Monday-Saturday, 9am-5.30pm.  The Market has been exploring ways to expand this offer into evening events and the possibility of full weekend opening hours. 

The recent Late Shows event “Love Local Love Late” attracted 5,800 visitors to the market for an evening of food, music and entertainment showing the public’s interest in potential later opening hours; and on the back of its success another evening event is being planned for 1st December.

For further information about Grainger Market please visit the ‘Newcastle markets’ section of www.newcastle.gov.uk or visit www.graingermarket.org.uk

Grainger Market is also visible on social media @Nclmarkets (Twitter) and @GraingerMarketNewcastle (Facebook).