Check your details!

Don't lose your right to vote

More than 120,000 householders in Newcastle are being asked to check details to ensure they are eligible to vote.

Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs) have been sent to homes all over the city to ensure that the details the council has on the Electoral Register are accurate and up to date.

They are addressed to the occupier, rather than everyone in the house, whose responsibility is to check the details on the form and make the council aware of any changes.

The householder could be fined up to £1,000 if they fail to do so.

Electoral Services Officer Carly Hall said: “Every year we carry out an electoral canvass to make sure that the details we have for people on the register are accurate and up to date. It’s important because if it is not up to date it could affect people’s right to vote.

“We have sent forms out and are just asking people to take a few minutes to check the details on them, sign them, and send them back to us in the prepaid envelope.”

Alternatively, people can check their details online so long as they have their security code which is on the form. They can also respond by text or telephone.

Any occupant who is aged 16 or over, is either a British citizen, a European Union citizen, or a Commonwealth citizen who has leave to remain in the UK, or doesn’t need such leave, can register to vote. 

We want as many people as possible to engage in the democratic process and have their say in future elections.

Householders have until 20 July to respond to avoid receiving a reminder. The first reminder will be delivered by canvassers from 13 to 14 August.  If they don’t get a response, they will leave a form, if that doesn’t come back, they will send another reminder. 

Any household with children away at university don’t need to remove those children from the register. Students can be registered to vote at their home and term time address. Although they can only vote once in the General Election they can vote twice in local elections – once at their university address and once at home.