Britians Fat Fight Final Episode

Hugh filming for the series 'Britians Fat Fight' in Newcastle
Hugh filming for the series 'Britians Fat Fight' in Newcastle

We’ve got news!

This coming Thursday 10th Jan, the final instalment of Britain’s Fat Fight featuring Newcastle Can, airs on BBC One at 8pm. Tune in to see what’s happened since the last three episodes and catch up on Hugh’s battle with both corporations and government to help fight the obesity epidemic and make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

Join the conversation online with #NewcastleCan and #BritainsFatFight!

We’re also excited to announce that the Newcastle Can initiative and website is going to KEEP GOING! Following the final episode being broadcast, Newcastle City Council will take over the running of the initiative and the website, keeping it going and incorporating more programmes under the Newcastle Can banner!

We’re really excited that things aren’t going to stop here. Who knows where it’ll end up? 200,000lbs? A million?!