A royal visit for the children of Walker

Princess Eugenie visited Walker to celebrate the success of the school children's business project, Primary Inspiration through Enterprise (PIE) and its positive impact in the community.

Children from five schools in the area have developed their entrepreneurial skills by taking over a local shop, selling items the children have designed and made.

The idea is that the children develop business skills by running their own enterprise and boosts their emplyability and confidence levels.

Her Royal highness met staff and children from Tyneview Primary School and Walkergate Primary School to hear first hand about the positive impact the PIE project has had on their lives and community and to see the children manufacture the products they sell in their shop.

Head teacher of Tyneview Primary, Steve Gittins said: “This is a great honour to have Her Royal Highness visit the school. 

“The children have all been very excited and look forward to showcasing their talents and meeting royalty.

“This visit is a testament to the hard-work and effort of the all the pupils involved and they should be very proud of themselves and the positive impact it has had in the community. 

"We would also like to thank everyone who has been involved – pupils, staff, businesses and members of the community – who have pulled together to ensure that this enterprise is a great success. By working together, we can ensure that the children have the skills, drive and confidence for entering the workplace and improving their employability.”

The PIE Project involves pupil and staff from Tyne View Primary Scgool, Walkergate Primary School, West Walker Primary School, Central Walker and Benfield School.