Our response to John Dobson Street bus lane camera

A Newcastle City Council spokesperson said: “The council is investing £60m in our city’s infrastructure as part of our Re-newcastle programme of improvements. This is the biggest investment in the city’s highways and junctions in over 30 years.

“A key part of this major investment is changing how traffic and people access the city, to improve our air quality, to improve public health and create a safer and more efficient highway system.

“Almost half of households in our city do not have access to a car and rely on public transport to get them around the city, to work, school, college and leisure facilities, so it’s really important they have a reliable bus service.

“Each year 9m bus passengers travel along John Dobson Street, where services have seen a 14 per cent improvement in journey time reliability since enforcement started.

“Since bus lanes were introduced on John Dobson Street we have seen a dramatic decrease in Penalty Charge Notices issued from 13,500 in March 2016 to around 4,000 in February 2017 and we are confident this downward trend will continue.

“We are also satisfied that all signage is adequate and correct, and conforms to Department for Transport guidelines.

“We would firmly stress that bus lanes are not there to generate income – they are there to help us to manage our roads networks efficiently.

“All revenue generated from bus lanes will be re-invested back into our public highways and infrastructure to help make further improvement to our city.”