Blakelaw Ward Priorities Feedback

Blakelaw Ward Committee held its Annual Ward Event on Wednesday 9 November at The Blakelaw Centre.

Local residents, organisations and stakeholders all took part in a discussion about ward priorities.  To read more about the ward priorities, please read our feedback sheet.

The priorities identified at the meeting have been added to the information collected via our online survey, and the following priorities have been agreed for 2016/2017:

  • Children and Young People's Activities
  • Environment and Green Spaces (including parking)
  • Getting Blakelaw Working
  • Fear of Crime
  • Support for Isolated Older People

The City Council will work with partners, local organisations and residents to look at projects which may address some of these priorities. Funding applications for the coming year would be welcomed from projects meeting any of these priorities.

If you would like to submit a funding application please visit our grants webpage.

If you would like advice on other funding providers, we can also offer support via our Grantfinder service, for more information please contact Amy Stillwell,