Cabinet member for a Thriving City

Cabinet member for a Thriving City

Councillor Alex Hay

Alex provides political leadership for the Council’s approach to inclusive economic development, overseeing the implementation of economic strategy with city stakeholders, ensuring that real benefits are delivered for all residents.

Alex drives the Council’s strategies for apprenticeships, adult education, skills and job creation. He is responsible for ensuring that culture is embedded at the heart of the city’s approach to inclusive economic development.

Alex leads on neighbourhood renewal and works closely with the Cabinet member for a Connected, Clean City on transport matters.


The Cabinet member for a Thriving City is responsible for:

  • Economic development
  • Adult education, skills and apprenticeships
  • Promoting job creation and quality employment
  • Business support and relations
  • Social Finance
  • Welfare reform
  • Digital inclusion
  • City centre regeneration and the Business Improvement District
  • Neighbourhood renewal
  • Newcastle’s Culture Compact
  • Culture, heritage and sport 
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