Cabinet member for Education and Skills

Cabinet member for Education and Skills

Councillor Paula Holland

Paula is a recently retired local government officer. Her background is in education, equality and youth work.

Paula is responsible for ensuring that children and young people get the best start in life.

This includes ensuring good relationships with schools, safeguarding and children’s social care.

She is also responsible for the promotion of employment-related skills including apprenticeships.

Find out more on Cllr Holland's ward member page.


The role of Cabinet member for Education and Skills includes:

  • Integrated support for children, young people and families
    - Early Years and Nurseries
    - Family Centres
    - Connexions
    - Youth Offending
    - Drug and Alcohol services
    - NEETs
    - SEN
    - Children with Disabilities
  • Children’s Safeguarding and Social Care Services
    - Looked after Children
    - Child Protection
  • Relationships with education providers
    - Primary and Secondary Schools
    - 14 to 19 Skills Providers
    - Higher Education links
    - Lifelong Learning
    - School Improvement (including inspections, behaviour, attendance, and enrichment)
  • Skills
    - Promoting employment-related skills
    - Liaising with employers and training / skills providers
    - Promoting apprenticeships
    - Promoting a Living Wage
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