Free services

Anybody can join Newcastle Libraries for free and it costs nothing to borrow books, ebooks or spoken word cassettes/CDs.

Non-members are welcome to use any of our reference facilities for free.

Access to the internet and scanners via the People's Network computers is free. There is a charge for print outs as listed below:

Black and white: 20p per sheet (A4 and A3)

Colour: 20p per sheet (A4 and A3)

Reservation and overdue charges are free to those registered blind or sight impaired and under 16s.

Overdue charges

Overdue books: 15p per item, per day to a maximum of £15

Overdue CDs: 20p per day to a maximum of £20

Overdue DVDs and Blu-ray: The loan charge is repeated up to a maximum of £30

Overdue charges are free to those registered blind or sight impaired and under 16s.

Cost of borrowing audio visual items

In order to borrow DVDs and blu-ray titles you must have previously shown proof of address at your most convenient branch library.

DVDs: 50p to £2.00 per week dependent on title

Blu-ray: £2.00 per week

CDs: 50p per fortnight


There is a 50p charge to reserve an item.

There is a further charge of £2.00 if you would like us to borrow from another library on your behalf (inter library loans).

Reservation charges do not apply to those who are registered blind or sight impaired and those under 16.

Lost, stolen or damaged items

A charge will be made dependent on the age and current value of the item, subject to a minimum charge of £5 for adult books and £2.50 for children's books.

Where damaged books are rebound, the actual cost of binding is payable.

If you fail to return an item borrowed through the inter library loan service, you will incur a standard charge of £137.50.

Replacement smartcards

Replacement smartcards cost £1.20. There is no charge for under 16s.

Research service

Standard research: £30 per hour to a maximum of 2 hours.

Other Local Studies charged services: detailed on application.

Patent and trademark searches: these services are currently only offered to eligible small or medium enterprises through the Business & IP Centre's Pathways to Innovation project, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. For more information please contact the BIPC team at


Black and white: 20p per sheet (A4 and A3)

Colour: 20p per sheet (A4 and A3)

Children are allowed up to 5 copies/prints for homework purposes free of charge.

Fiche and film reader print outs

20p per A4 sheet

Photographic copies for reproduction

Details on application to Local Studies.

All photocopies, printouts and photographic reproductions are subject to copyright regulations.


Sending a fax within the UK: £1 per A4 sheet

Sending a fax to countries in bands 1-6: £1.50 per A4 sheet

Sending a fax to countries in bands 7-13: £2 per A4 sheet

Receiving a fax: 50p per A4 sheet

Inter-library loan renewals


Hire of rooms and display cases

Contact individual libraries for availability and hire charges. For more information visit, meeting rooms and exhibition space at City Library.

Sale of withdrawn library stock

Library books and other items are offered for sale to the public when they are withdrawn from stock. All items are priced individually.

Library publications and souvenirs

As individually priced.

Donations to stock

We welcome donations to stock, but unfortunately we are not always able to add all the items to stock. When this happens we reserve the right to dispose of any items that we are unable to use. We are unable to return items that are not selected for stock. It may take some time for the donated items to appear on the library catalogue.

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1 October 2018
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