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Community mini-bus service

Who can use the service?

We deliver to anyone living in Newcastle:

  • Who is unable to visit their local library due to either permanent or temporary ill health
  • Who has a permanent disability

How to apply

  • Contact us by phone, fax or email or contact your local library.
  • We will make an appointment to visit you to find out your needs.

Contact us

Home Delivery Service
Kenton Library
Hillsview Avenue
Newcastle upon Tyne

Telephone: 0191 2774100

Community mini-bus service

There is a mini-bus service run by volunteers which operates at Kenton, Gosforth, East End and High Heaton Libraries. The mini-bus will pick you up and take you to your local library where you can select items for loan. The mini-bus will then take you home. During the visit there is opportunity for a cup of tea, biscuit and a chat. As well as the driver there is always an escort on the mini-bus who assists with carrying books.

The following areas of Gosforth are covered:

  • Monday's - fortnightly 6:30 - 7:30pm covers Ashburton Road area
  • The 1st Tuesday morning of the month covers Red House Farm and Kingston Park
  • The 3rd Wednesday morning of the month covers Ettrick Lodge and The Grove area
  • The 4th Wednesday morning of the month covers Brunton Park and north Gosforth
  • The 2nd Wednesday morning of the month covers St Cuthbert's care home

The mini-bus visits Kenton Library on the 1st Thursday morning of the month.

  • It covers all areas of North Kenton

Anyone who wishes to join the mini-bus service at Gosforth or Kenton must contact Gosforth Library on 0191 2771811 or Margaret Gillon on 0191 3408404.

At East End Library the mini-bus visit is run by Social Services.

  • East End Library is visited on 1st Thursday afternoon of the month. Pick up coverage is east of the city from High Heaton down to the river. 

To arrange a visit contact either East End Library on 0191 2788400.

Page last updated: 
27 July 2017
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